HomebuilderONE is a fully integrated end to end solution available for homebuilders and land developers of all sizes.

  RetailProcess is a complete end to end solution for retailers, built on the globally recognised Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail. It covers everything from Demand Forecasting to Point of Sale (POS).

  CPGProcess is a truly global solution for wholesale and distribution companies working with Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). It includes fully integrated Demand Forecasting and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

  Food Process is a sophisticated solution for food and beverage manufacturers. It includes streamlined warehouse management and production planning.

Specialist solutions designed to streamline project and accounting processes for businesses in the professional services industry.

Microsoft Dynamics™ AX is the market leading ERP solution and has been clearly recognised by Gartner (world’s leading information technology research and advisory company) as the leader in the mid-market quadrant. In addition to rich ERP functionality, Microsoft Dynamics™ AX delivers a compelling suite of technologies to help improve businesses by enabling partners and customers to implement tailored, role based processes and workflows, designed to match their business requirements.

As a certified specialist in Microsoft Dynamics™ AX, Sable are at the forefront of enhancing and strengthening Dynamics AX to meet the needs of specific industries. Following years of development and partnership with our foundation clients, Sable has released a series of award winning industry specific solutions including: HomebuilderONE, RetailPROCESS, CPGPROCESS (Consumer Packaged Goods), FoodProcess and our
Professional Services Solutions.

Sable has developed a deep understanding of these industries and employs specialist Consultants that can tailor our solutions to your business processes. Our innovative solutions have been configured, now covering:

Demand Forecasting, Rebates and Royalties and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) for CPGPROCESS (Consumer Packaged Goods industry);

Land Development, Optioning Design and Colour Selection, and Estimating and Purchasing for the home building industry (HomebuilderONE);

The complete scope of requirements for retail using the newly released AX 2012 RetailPROCESS.

Effective Warehouse Management and Production Planning for food and beverage manufacturers (FoodProcess).

We understand the specific needs of these industries and have proven solutions and templates to implement our specialised solutions.

When it comes to our sophisticated Professional Services Solutions, we offer:

A flexible, technologically advanced world leading business solution, developed by the world leaders in business software, Microsoft, and strengthened upon by our own dedicated Developers and Consultants.

Streamlined management of data entry, invoicing, project management, accounting, inquiry & reporting, contract management and posting.

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